10 New Job Positions of Sales Officer at Ignite Power Rwanda Ltd (Deadline: 16th April,2022)

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10 New Job Positions of Sales Officer at Ignite Power Rwanda Ltd (Deadline: 16th April,2022)

🏘️ The Organization 

The Organization

Ignite Power Solar

📋 Job Description Details

Ignite Power Rwanda Ltd would like to recruit 10 sales officers to conduct and supervise sales activities in different districts of Rwanda

Position: Sales Officer

Report to: Director of Operations

Work station: District

Number of positions: 10


The Sales Officer, (SO) is required to: Drive and execute all District sales activities, by implementing all company business plans and ensure the company strategies are well put in place to generate more sales, increase collections, deliver units and documents to customers and supervise them during sales events


  • Motorbike driving license
  • At least 6 months working in the District of choice.
  • Degree, certificate or Knowledge in statistics, Economics, Management, Business, Logistics, Agri-Business, rural development, electricity, electronics, renewable energy or any other related background.
  • At least two years’ experience in leading a local-based business
  • Good communication skills and ability to command attention from the audience


  • Operations Management
  • Strong experience in Business Processes for Solar power.
  • Skills in managing personnel and contributing towards the development of department strategy
  • Independent thinker who can offer solutions to complex situations
  • Skills on loan monitoring and Recovery


  • Developed negotiation and communication skills
  • Developed management and leadership skills
  • Exceptional service and results orientation
  • Superior analytical and problem-solving abilities. Demonstrated ability to apply IT in solving problems
  • Ability to work under pressure and time constraints
  • Ability to work effectively with a wide range of cultures in a diverse community
  • Ability to achieve results through others
  • Ability to select a good potential customer
  • Ability to keep track and reports of daily tasks and outcomes
  • Excellent self-organization and self-direction in performance of tasks, including time management skills


  • Maintain good relationships with local authorities and preserve the best image of the company
  • Implement District sales, collections, and bank transactions programs by executing relevant action plans for the District.
  • Oversee and direct daily company sales processes and procedures on the field.
  • Execute weekly action plans related to sales, collections and bank deposits in your District.
  • Ensure all sales steps are checked and deeply verified before delivering a system to the customer
  • Ensure customer contracts and other forms used in the field are being authenticated and collected.
  • Prepare and deliver daily reports on sales activities
  • Organize the listing, packaging and delivery to the company of all authenticated contract
  • Exercise zero tolerance and to theft, fraud and other cases related to company assets mismanagement at the Sector, cell and Village level.
  • Rapidly communicate to the line manager about all suspicious activities towards deviation of company’s procedures and guidelines
  • Identify various compliance issues among field staff related to company policies and procedures implementation.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

🌐 How to Apply

Job Application Channel Accepted  and any other relevant Application  Info’s 

Interested candidates should send

  1.  Applications letters,
  2. Updated CV
  3. Copies of degree, certificates, Driving license
  4. 3 References

To: ops@ignite.solar

Not later than 16th April 202

Application Deadline Provided

Please  Apply for  this Job  not later than 16th/ April/ 2022


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