45 Job Vacancies within NGOs, Public organs and Companies in Rwanda that are still having Valid Application Deadline starting from 23rd April,2022(Weekly List as at 23rd April,2022)

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Urutonde rw’Imyanya y’Akazi igera kuri  45 kubantu bize ibintu bitandukanye,A0,A1,A2,etc,itararenga igihe cyo kuyidepozaho mu bigo bitandukanye mu Rwanda kuva kuwa, 23/04/2022,urutonde rwo kuwa 23/04/2022 | Apply now in 45 Vacancies with different organizations and Companies in Rwanda that are still having Valid Application Deadline within different companies &Organizations across Rwanda starting from 23rd April,2022(Weekly List as at 23rd April,2022)

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  • Please  Apply for  every Position  you  seen that  fit with  your Qualifications !
  • Apply   on time to meet the  deadline  mentioned  by the Employer!
  • Don’t Judge  yourself into doubt, Try every Career Chance and don’t be  Tired of  Applying , Apply and fail, But never Fail to Apply

  1. 4 Job Positions at BBOXX Capital Rwanda: (Deadline 2 May 2022)
  2. 2 Job Positions at HC Solutions Ltd (Deadline: 22nd May,2022)
  3. GIZ Rwanda is hiring Digital Inclusion Advisor (Closing: 05th May,2022)
  4. Programme Funding Manager  at Send a Cow Rwanda (SACR) (To be Closed: 12th May,2022)
  5. Senior Programme Manager, Rwanda at Interpeace (Deadline: 04th May,2022)
  6. Switch Maker is Hiring a Business Development Manager- East Africa (Closing: 04th May,2022)
  7. Communications Executive at Spruik (Closing:29th April,2022)
  8. Event Manager Consultant at Global Health Corps (GHC) (Deadline: 30th April,2022)
  9. Credit Officer in charge of Management of Agriculture loans at Brac Rwanda (Deadline: 27th May,2022)
  10. Housing Clerk  at American Embassy Kigali Mission Rwanda (Closing: 05th May,2022)
  11. Operations Manager at Federation Handicap International (HI) (Deadline: 15th may,2022)
  12. Administration & Communication Assistant at CORI RWANDA LIMITED (Closing: 04th May,2022)
  13. PORTFOLIO ANALYST at BBOXX Capital Rwanda (Closing: 03rd May,2022)
  14. American Embassy Kigali Mission Rwanda is looking for a Carpentry Maintenance worker (Closing: 03rd May,2022)
  15. Supply Chain Systems Manager  at BBOXX Africa Management (Deadline: 07th May,2022)
  16. GIZ Rwanda is Hiring an Advisor and Liaison Officer (Deadline: 04th May,2022)
  17. Spark Rwanda is looking for a Regional Finance Manager (Closing: 30th April,2022)
  18. The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is Hiring  a Driver & Logistics Assistant – AIMS Secretariat (Deadline: 03rd May,2022)
  19. M&E Associate at The Clinton Health Access Initiative(CHAI) (Closing: 20th May,2022)
  20. Manager, Financial Accounting & Receivables (Chief Accountant) at National Bank of Rwanda (BNR)(Closing date: April 29th, 2022)
  21. Quality Improved (QI) Advisor at IntraHealth (Deadline: 30th April,2022)
  22. Apply Now: Knowledge and Grants Coordinator at BRAC International(Deadline: 24th April,2022)
  23. LOVEWAY RWANDA is looking for Marketers (Deadline: 30th April,2022)
  24. 8 Job Positions of Motorcycle’s drivers at Loveway Rwanda Co. Ltd: (Deadline 30 April 2022)
  25. 3 New Job Positions at JACK’s SUPPLY LTD: (Deadline 30 April 2022)
  26. ICT Assistant Job Position at Plan International (Deadline: 01st May,2022)
  27. 2 New Other Jobs at MOTA-ENGIL ENGENHARIA E CONSTRUÇÃO AFRICA S.A. (Deadline: 30th April,2022)
  28. Senior Internal Auditor at FHI 360 (Deadline: 30th April,2022)
  29. One Acre Fund is Now Hiring a Manager/Chief of Staff, Office of the CFO (Deadline: 05th June,2022)
  30. A Job Position of Senior Design Engineer at Bridges to Prosperity (Deadline: 30th April,2022)
  31. Seed Supply Chain Specialist at One Acre Fund (Deadline: 01st May,2022)

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