A Job Position of Senior Design Engineer at Bridges to Prosperity (Deadline: 30th April,2022)

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A Job Position of Senior Design Engineer at Bridges to Prosperity (Deadline: 30th April,2022)

🏘️ About the Organization and Job Details

The Organization

Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty, and we believe that connection is the foundation to opportunity. We work with local communities, partners, and foundations, to build trailbridges that connect residents to education, health care, and economic opportunity. With a sophisticated data collection and evaluation program, we’re able to prove that the value and impact of our work is sustained long after the opening celebration.

📋 Job Description Details

Job Position Title

Senior Design Enginee

The Senior Design Engineer serves as the primary resource for the development and execution of engineering related activities within a program country. The position is located within a program country and only works within the program.

Job Positing Date: 30th March,2022

Job Closing Date : 30th April,2022

Number of Job Positions


Job Location


Job Payment Terms and Contract

Full-Time Contract

Job Duties& Tasks  and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with Regional Engineering Manager in the planning and execution of program bridge inventory
  • Assess prospective bridge sites for technical approval (process survey, evaluate aerial imagery, preliminary design alternatives)
  • Perform structurthal design of suspended and suspension cable bridges Check adequacy of design for hydraulic and geotechnical requirement
  • Manage geotechnical investigation process and results in collaboration with Geotechnical Consultants and Laboratories
  • Produce professional engineering drawings and compile/check full plan sets
  • Design safety cables
  • Calculate material quantities for bridge projects
  • Conduct technical surveys of prospective project sites
  • Mark excavations and layout site at the onset of a project
  • Supervise technical aspects of bridge construction
  • Manage quality control for bridge projects in collaboration with the QA Engineer
  • Manage advanced technical challenges within the program country including design of bridges different from the common B2P bridges, designing larger span bridges, and applying new technological innovations.
  • Perform technical inspections of constructed bridges
  • Provide technical support to needs assessment teams, as required
  • Join B2P Partnership meetings alongside other program staff when necessary
  • Prepare and Manage material specifications for bridge construction
  • Collaborate with Procurement team on local materials selection
  • Collaborate with headquarters engineering staff for technical innovations
  • Review and Approve site assessments, and provide feedback to the Assessment Engineer in order to improve the accuracy of technical assessments
  • Support the construction team with assessment and design of temporary work activities such as tower lifting, cable hoisting, scaffolding etc. as necessary to ensure adequacy of solutions

 Additional Duties and Responsibilities (if qualified for Senior Position)

  • Manage and Supervise Surveyors and Design Engineers in Engineering Department
  • Conduct design of bridges independently without a need for technical support and check/approve the design done by other Design Engineers.
  • Train Design Engineers, Surveyors, and Other Support Staffs as per the guideline provided by the Engineering Manager
  • Participate and partially lead trainings with government entities and private sector partners
  • Assist in development and implementation of Quality Management System

💼 Job Specification

Job Qualification Needed

  • Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering (MSc degree in Structural Engineering is an advantage)
  • Sound technical knowledge in the field of structural engineering
  • Familiarity with surveying and use of surveying equipment
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Proficiency in AutoCAD drafting
  • Qualified in use of Structural Design Software
  • Exceptional, professional, and details-oriented organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with high problem-solving skills
  • Capable of working with different cultures and languages
  • Ability to work independently after given clear direction
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Creative, energetic, and self-motivated
  • Excellent in Speaking, Writing, and Listening in English Language

Experience for Senior Design Engineer

  • Minimum 8 years of related engineering experience in road/bridge projects
  • Minimum 4 years of experience as a structural engineer

Experience for Design Engineer

  • Minimum 5 years of related engineering experience in road/bridge projects
  • Minimum 2 years of experience as a structural engineer

Working Conditions

The position is based in the program country and may require travel to all Bridges to Prosperity existing or prospective project sites.

Physical Requirements

The position will require participation in construction-related tasks when traveling to Bridges to Prosperity’s projects. Execution of prospective site surveys and supervision activities may require working in undeveloped locations without paths or river crossings.

🌐 How to Apply

Job Application Channel Accepted  and any other relevant Application  Info’s 

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Application Deadline Provided

Please  Apply for  this Job  not later than 30th/ April/ 2022


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