Communications Officer Federation at Handicap International (HI) (Deadline: 11th September, 2022)

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Communications Officer Federation at Handicap International (HI) (Deadline: 11th September, 2022)


HELASIA Communications Officer 

Country / Programme



Communications Officer

Technical field

Information management, visualisation of information, documentary making

Name of HR Advisor


Name of Geographic Director


Length of the contract

8 months

Name of technical advisor/Desk Officer


Duration of funding of the position

8 months

Reason for recruitment

Creation ☒

Replacement ☐

Job reference 

Communications Officer

Request date


Preferred start date


End date of predecessor’s mission


Preferred duration of handover


Working hours will generally be:

Monday to Friday: 7:45 am – 5:00 pm with a break of 45 min flexible



HELASIA Chief of Party

Funding body(ies) :


Size of budget managed : > 5 M€


Duration of funding (project)

8 months remaining – in a 3 years project

Size of team

5 persons

Number of persons directly managed 

Interacts with: 

Direct functional linkage:

  1. HELASIA coordination team (Project coordination, technical, MEAL, finance)
  2. Rwanda HELASIA project team
  3. Remote functional work with 4 project teams (Benin, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique)

Internal linkages 

  1. Rwanda Communications & Advocacy manager
  2. East Africa Region Communications focal persons
  3. HI HQ Inclusive Governance unit
  4. HI HQ MEAL department (3i)

External  Linkages

  1. Local Partners
  2. Pan-African level project partners (ADF, PANPPD)


Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity.

Handicap International is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside vulnerable people and people with disabilities to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

For further information about the association:

The project

The HELASIA Project

Health, Education and Livelihoods in Africa : a Sustainable Inclusion Approach

The project is focused on generating conclusive experience and change in the participation of people with disabilities by demonstrating the interaction and interdependence between advocacy for people with disabilities’ rights and practical efforts in supporting them to obtain access to quality, inclusive services. To achieve this, in consultation with its national and regional organisations of persons with disabilities (OPD) partners, the project focuses on five different sub-Saharan African countries, each with its own challenges and particularities, to define access to service interventions in health, education, and livelihoods – with the balance between each sector the reflection of the specific priorities identified in each country. The experiences gained will thence form the basis for rigorous learning development and exchange between the countries, both to reinforce country-level practices, as well as to provide practical evidence to advocate for change at Africa regional level.


The communication officer will:

  • The communication officer will integrate the coordination team and will be responsible of internal and external communication of the HELASIA project. (S)He will provide guidance to the 5  HELASIA country teams in terms of communication, centralise all the needed information and insure regular communications on the project internally and externally, both in English and French.
  • Coordinate the production of a web documentary, from the original idea to the final film, including the process of scriptwriting,  coordination of shooting, coordination of editing, amongst others, until the final product render.
  • Supporting visualisation and/or lay-out of produced documents of the HELASIA project (in 5 countries). Ensuring that information and reports can be made available in a more visual, accessible and attractive format.



Lead the design, development and rolling out of the HELASIA end-of-project documentary video/videos.

  • Creation of the documentary idea and leading the script development through identification of positive impact stories and portraying project beneficiaries in a positive way and with dignity.
  • Writing of the communication/ distribution strategy for the end-product.
  • Creation of the documentary filming technical ToR and coordination with 5 countries to gather the right video material.
  • Serve as a focal point for the service providers that will do the film production.
  • Follow-up of the creation of the development end-product, ensuring accessibility of the end product (language, disability accessibility).
  • Sharing of the end-product with the decided actors.

Support the visualisation, lay-out and accessiblility of the end project outputs to be useful for internal and external communication.

  • Revise the project produced documents to date and create attractive summary documents or visual presentations that can be shared with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Collection of photographic material from the different project countries.
  • Lead the visualisation of final project achievements (development of infographics).
  • Support the visualisation and accessibility of the final evaluation result report (language and disability accessibility taken into account).
  • Identify opportunities for storytelling and/or positive impact stories.

Organisational learning

Contributes to visualizing and making the learnings of the HELASIA project more attractive.

  • Development of visually attractive learning documents of the HELASIA project.
  • Ensuring disability accessibility of those developed documents.
  • Sharing of the final products internally and externally.
  • Feed the internal-to HI space (HInside) with stories and photos, received from project teams.

Shares the knowledge produced on the field of expertise (s)he is working on internally to the program and more broadly at the organizational level through the use of HI Library.

Punctual support to the project’s communication requests

  • Support with translation or proofreading of documents;
  • Support the lay-out of documents;
  • Support the choice and development for HELASIA visibility materials;
  • Support social media engagement for events;
  • Feeding of the HInside space;
  • Support on development or review of Comms documents;
  • Support the regional EAR strategy;
  • Upon request, answer HQ communications requests.

Respect of HI identity, rules and policies

Aim: HI identity, ethic, rules and procedures are respected

Benchmark: HI code of conduct and ethic, HI mandate and values, HI rules and operating procedure, HI policies are known, understood, applied and respected by the MEAL manager and the  wider MEAL team


In coordination with the Human resources manager and the coordination team:

  • Know, understand, apply and respect HI code of conduct and ethics, HI mandate and values, HI rules and operating procedure, HI policies (child protection policy, policy and mechanism for the prevention of and fight against bribery, the protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse policy) and make sure they are known, understood, applied and respected by the wider team;
  • Know, understand, apply and respect HI security rules and make sure they are known, understood and applied by her/his team;
  • Regular refresher trainings are organized to become acquainted with this.

The employee is expected to perform any other tasks in addition to the aforementioned, upon request.





University degree in communications.

Experience (type and amount of experience) :

  • Proven experience of developing communication expertise;
  • Proven experience in development of communication materials.
  • Experience in creation of visualisation of information and data (such as infographics)
  • Experience in accompanying creation of video documentary/(ies).

Skills (knowledge, abilities required for the position, refer to skills repository document) :

  • Fluency in oral and written English and French.
  • Strong internal and external coordination and representation skills (including strong abilities to work with a variety of partners);
  • Proven experience in designing and rolling out a communication product (such as documentary) from A to Z;
  • Well-developed conceptual, critical, analytical thinking and planning skills;
  • Attention to detail (lay-out);
  • Strong computer skills (use of MS Word, Excel, internet, Outlook and other relevant visualisation/video software);
  • Strong presentation and data/information visualisation skills;
  • Ability to find positive storytelling ,–telling impact stories and portraying the beneficiaries with dignity;
  • Portuguese language knowledge is an asset, no obligation.
  • Experience in accessibility of produced documents;

Personal qualities:

  • High level of autonomy and initiative;
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills (working with 5 countries);
  • Ability to work under high pressure and without constant supervision;
  • Active listening and great ability to influence;

Excellent communication skills and commitment to team work

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Competency required

  • Organizational skills, Team Player, Communication, Multi-tasking, Innovative
  • Support Decision Making and Problem solving

How to apply

All interested candidates should send their application file (motivation letter, CV with 3 professional previous references in line of this job, & copy of each diploma) not later than 11th September 2022, at midi night via email address: with subject: RWACOMM082022 

N.B: In respect of the law into force, persons with disabilities will be given a priority if they prove professional competences as equally as other candidates in tests and interviews.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Done at Kigali, 30th September 2022

Mélanie GEISER

Country manager



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