Consultancy Services for the training of COPEDU PLC’s staff during the year 2022 at COPEDU PLC (Deadline: 12th May,2022)

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Consultancy Services for the training of COPEDU PLC’s staff during the year 2022 at COPEDU PLC (Deadline: 12th May,2022)

🏘️ About the Organization 

Few Information About Us

COPEDU PLC is a microfinance institution that provides financial services such as credits and savings to its customers. COPEDU LTD was registered as a Microfinance Company in Rwanda Development Board (RDB) on February 21, 2013, with a certificate to perform microfinance services by the Central Bank of Rwanda (BNR) on 13th/03/2014.
On 25th/01/2019, COPEDU LTD changed its name to COPEDU PLC following the provisions of Law N ° 17/2018 of 13/04/2018 governing commercial companies. This means that COPEDU PLC is a Public Limited Company that can call on the public for investments as shares.

📋 Consultancy Description Details

Consultancy Services for the training of COPEDU PLC’s staff during the year 2022

COPEDU PLC, a microfinance institution created in 1997 as a saving and   Credit   Cooperative (Sacco), transformed into a limited liability company in 2012. It is registered as a company in Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda.



Subject: Consultancy Services for the training of COPEDU PLC’s Staff during the year 2022

COPEDU PLC is a Public Limited Company licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda to operate as a Microfinance Institution, registered in the office of the Registrar General with Company Code 100544626, P.O. Box 4053 Kigali.

COPEDU PLC is seeking expression of interest from qualified Companies to provide consultancy services for the training of its Staff in various fields during the year 2022.

COPEDU PLC now invites eligible Companies to indicate their interest in providing this kind of services.

Interested Companies must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services requested by submitting a brief technical understanding of the planed work, Companies’ profile of personnel showing past experiences of similar services, competent staff, completion certificates, and/or contracts of past services or ongoing services.

The training of COPEDU PLC staff during 2022 will be focused on the following main topics: Customer Care delivery, Strategic Marketing, Products Development, Portfolio quality and growth, Recovery Management, Treasury management, Taxation, Audit process and its methodology, Risk Assessment and Monitoring, Information Technology Learning and Development, Anti-Money Laundering, Business Continuity Management.

The short-listing criteria will focus on:

  • Profile of the Company and its personnel,
  • Company’s eligibility documents,
  • General experience of the Personnel or trainers who will be used to deliver different trainings as requested,
  • Proof of similar assignments done.

🌐 How to Apply

Mode of Application and any other relevant application information

Interested Companies may seek clarification from the Head office of COPEDU PLC located on African union Avenue, P.O. Box 4053 Kigali, from 08:00 AM to 03:00 PM, from Monday to Friday in the Human Ressources Department or on the following mobile number 0788454822.

The interested qualified companies are encouraged to apply by sending their expression of interest to the secretariat of the head office of COPEDU PLC, located in Kicukiro – Rwandex, not later than 12th May 2022 at 03:00 PM

Done at Kigali, 29th April 2022



Head of Operations

Managing Director

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