Cooperative Miniere De Kagina (COMIKA) is looking for a Finance and Administrative Manager ( Deadline: 07th April,2022)

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Cooperative Miniere De Kagina (COMIKA) is looking for a Finance and Administrative Manager ( Deadline: 07th April,2022)

🏘️ The Organization 

The Organization

Cooperative Miniere De Kagina (COMIKA )

📋 Job Description Details

COMIKA “Cooperative Miniere De Kagina” is a Rwandan based cooperative and cooperated on 30/03/2009. We are located at Murehe cell , Rukoma Sector, Kamonyi District in southern Province, Rwanda,

The cooperative is seeking for a competent candidate for the job of Finance and Administrative management fulfilling the following requirements:

Finance and Administrative Manager 

Responsibilities and Duties

Manage financial and administration activities to achieve financial goals.

Develop business plan, timeline and budget to perform financial projects.

Monitor and manage expenditures within allotted budget.

Develop and maintain standard financial and administrative procedures.

Respond to customer queries/issues in a timely manner.

Work closely with General Manager in preparation of business plan and operational budget.

Review all invoices and make the relevant payments in a timely manner.

Review accounting discrepancies and recommend corrective actions.

Assist in implementing standard accounting policies.

Ensure the preparation and maintenance of all financial records.

Supervise preparation of all monthly and annual finance reports in a timely fashion.

Supervise and manage payroll processing and tax filing activities.

Provide training and guidance to finance and admin teams as needed.

Develop overall goals for the finance and administration departments.

Identify and resolve financial and administrative issues.

Qualification Requirements

The holder of A0 in Accounting; Finance; Administration; Economics or other related qualificatin should have the experience of using computerised accounting software. Attention to detail and a flexible approach to work. Excellent communication and team-working skills, with the ability to build good relations, both internally and externally. Excellent spoken and written English and French.

Skills: Fluency in English is required; Demonstrated effective interpersonal skills, creative problem-solving, conflict, ethical management skills and excellent written and oral communication skills. Strong analytical and computer skills, especially with accounting software, spreadsheets and financial analysis.

🌐 How to Apply

Job Application Channel Accepted  and any other relevant Application  Info’s 

All application should be submitted online before 7th May, 2022 to; or

The Management of COMIKA

Tel: 0782162422

Application Deadline Provided

Please  Apply for  this Job  not later than 07th/ May/ 2022


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