Distribution and Logistics Officer at Eastern Africa Farmers Federation(EAFF)

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ūüŹėÔłŹ About the Organization and Job Details

Organization Description 

Name and Services of the Organization

The Eastern Africa Farmers Federation EAFF) was formed in 2001 as a non-political, non profit, and democratic organization, whose role is to voice the concerns and interest of farmers of the region to enhance their social-economic status and regional cohesiveness.

EAFF’s establishment was championed by national farmers’ organizations from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC Congo. Membership was subsequently extended to Burundi, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and South Sudan. EAFF membership is now composed of 23 farmer organizations serving 20 million farmers. EAFF with the support of key partners, founded a mobile platform called e-GRANARY.

e-GRANARY aggregates farmers for market leveraging technology running on mobile phones to help smallholder farmers improve production and maximize their profits. e-GRANARY aims to reach over 100,000 farmers in Eastern Africa and transform their livelihoods.

 Contact  Addresses 


ūüďč Job Description

We are looking for distribution and logistics officer to help us get inputs to farmers on time and collect quality produce from farmers effectively. The ideal candidate quickly absorbs new information, forms and expresses sound strategic judgements, motivates everyone around them, and is equally comfortable defending their opinion and learning from their mistakes.

Purpose of the Job
This person will be in charge of the supply chain management and e-GRANARY’s logistics and distribution strategy in the field. This includes everything from designing, field testing, and the execution of the whole process from recruitment, training, and managing distributor network relationships, warehousing and inventory management, and building and implementing systems with a keen eye towards tracking business risk. This includes tracking, supervising, and improving the systems to respond to inventory loss, quality issues, customer complaints and fraud prevention, and quality monitoring processes.

Support the larger logistics and distribution team as the team and organization grows

Job Duties& Tasks  and Responsibilities

Key Job Responsibilities
  • Plan and manage the movement of freight and coordinate with suppliers and distributers to ensure smooth transition.
  • The coordination of order cycles and the efficient allocation of staff resources
  • Consistently monitor the quality and efficiency of goods storage and transportation.
  • Organize the safe and efficient storage and distribution of goods, and ensure that orders are fulfilled (carried out) correctly.
  • Analyze logistical problems and plan transportation routes for vehicles carrying goods. ‚ÄĘ Operating IT systems to manage timings, costs, and stock levels
  • Analyzing data to assess performance, discover logistical problems, and devise plans for improvements
  • Negotiating and agreeing on contracts
  • Planning for and negotiating technical difficulties
  • Coordinate input distribution to various farmer groups.¬†
  • Help farmer groups aggregate produce¬†
  • Monitor the quality and quantity of the aggregated produce and maintain proper records
  • Assist e-GRANARY service providers in accessing and interacting with farmer groups and the farmers
  • Perform phases of sourcing activity to ensure the best value and within required lead times for a variety of requirements in e-Granary Uganda Office, including analysis of overall budgetary impact for all types of procurement transactions¬†
  • Lead in the preparation and implementation of the annual procurement plan supported with budget and timetables.
  • Effectively negotiate with suppliers on a wide variety of commodities (farm inputs, protective equipment, vehicles, materials) and services for the best overall value to the project¬†
  • Contribute to the supply chain management efforts up to and including logistical support from the ordering point through the follow-up, expediting, and delivery of the required goods and/or services.¬†
  • Prepare, issue, and negotiate RFQ(s) for assigned procurements such as materials, equipment, commodities, work, and services.¬†
  • Understand and ensure compliance with legal guidelines, contracting principles, sourcing, and price/cost analysis requirements.¬†
  • Provide leadership of overall property management and inventory control, reports, reconciliations for both expendables and non-expendables according to e-GRANARY rules and regulations.¬†
  • Conduct cycle inventory reconciliation and conduct a planned inventory and maintain an updated asset and inventory records for the project.¬†
  • Ensure timely reporting on stock status to the Country Manager and help project staff plan stock replenishment in various locations.¬†
  • Ensure adherence to e-GRANARY standard procurement operating (SOP) procedures.¬†
  • Conduct logistics training workshops for project staff on storage, distribution, and inventory control.
  • Maintaining proper records for all the procurements handled at the country office both in soft and hard copies files.¬†
  • Maintaining an updated Supplier database and contracts database¬†
  • Ensure proper documentation of all Logistics and procurement transactions.¬†
  • Responsible for supplier management, providing information on e-GRANARY compliance procedures, and providing continuous feedback on what is required.¬†
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Country Manager from time to time.¬†

Reporting roles :

  • Develop and submit weekly, monthly, quarterly, and end-of-year reports to the Country Manager.¬†
  • Reporting on inventory movements¬† (both for inputs and commodities) for all warehouses and being accountable for any and all losses.
  • Reporting on Customer Complaints relating to any Agro dealer, Farmer group aggregation center inventory/stored goods and following up to their resolution.
  • Reporting on Agro dealer Complains relating to Quality of goods picked from a warehouse and following up to their resolution.
  • Prepare weekly work plans and reports.
  • Any other tasks assigned by your supervisor.

Note: The role of the Distribution Logistic officer cannot be limited to the specific duties and tasks detailed herein. The success of the e-Granary mission is the highest priority and all issues which arise must be addressed accordingly. Therefore, she/he will be required to manage all unforeseen issues and circumstances and remain flexible to perform any other duties, as and when required.

Job Payment Terms and Contract

Contract duration The selected candidate will be offered a one-year renewable employment contract based on performance with the possibility of extension subject to availability of funds.

Desired start As soon as possible. 

The application will be reviewed and interviews conducted on a rolling basis to identify appropriate candidates as soon as possible. 

Compensation: Salary.

ūüíľ Job Specification

Educational qualifications, experience, and competences
  • Bachelor‚Äôs degree in a field such as transportation, business, or supply chain management.
  • Minimum 3 years‚Äô experience in a busy organization preferably a company dealing with agricultural commodities.¬†
  • Knowledge of International reporting standards
  • Good organizational and personal skills
  • Financial integrity
  • Experience in working with farmer groups.¬†
  • Problem-solving and team player

ūüĆź How to Apply

Job Application Documents Needed

Please  refer to the Application portal

Application Channel Accepted  

Online , Apply on this Position by Clicking  on  Apply for this Job Now Button found  below 

Application Deadline Provided

There is no Deadline  specified on this Job  , Apply as Quick as Possible  to save  your  chance 


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