National Peace Advisor at Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda (EEAR)(Deadline: 27th July 2022 5 PM)

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National Peace Advisor at Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda (EEAR)(Deadline: 27th July 2022 5 PM)

Terms of reference National Peace Advisor on Conflict Resolution and Mediation


Since 2015, Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda (EEAR) and GIZ/Civil Peace Service (ZFD)

Supported conflict resolution and mediation capacity development in Kigeme,Mugombwa refugee camps and their respective host community. In the frame work of continuation of this support, EEAR is hiring a National Peace Advisor (EFK) for the period from 2022- 2023.

Job Vacancy

National Peace Advisor on conflict resolution and mediation for Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda 

EEAR’s Mission.

God has started Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda to become a blessing and light in Rwanda, therefore we commit ourselves to the fulfillment of the great commission and the great commitment as it’s written in Matthew  22:36-38 and 28:19-20.

EEAR’s Vision.

To see the kingdom of God growing among the Rwandans, being transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ shining His light, building peace to all nations and developing them holistically.

Key achievements of EEAR from 2015 in Mugombwa, Kigeme, refugee camps and host community.

Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda has worked in different aspects which includes:

Training on conflict resolution and mediation for leaders from Kigeme, Mugombwa camps and host community, training of trainers, awareness of conflicts that needed the involvement of the population peace choir composes the refugees and the host community ambassadors from Kigeme camps and the host community was initiated where they spread peace messages through songs for fighting against stereotype and prejudice.

The conflict resolution structure that shows to the population where to go when they have conflicts in Kigeme camp was strengthen. Conflict resolution and mediation module that is uses during EEAR trainings. In Mugombwa, the mediation center was built as safe place for trainings and mediation session in for refugees and people from host community. Peace ambassadors were selected as key persons to mediate conflicts and to train other leaders in Kigeme,  Mugombwa and host community. Peace dialogue platform was initiated by EEAR in Kigeme and Mugombwa, where leaders from camps and host community come together to identify different conflicts between two communities and find solutions together. Every year, the international peace day celebration is organized by EEAR through Peace Ambassadors. EEAR has the Digital library known as Ideas Box in Mugombwa camp where youth and adults are using the knowledge they gain for building peace and solving conflicts in non-violence ways in camps and host community.

The EEAR will perform the following responsibilities and tasks:


  • Support quality implementation, monitoring and evaluation of established conflicts resolution, mediation and dialogue mechanisms in Kigeme and Mugombwa refugee camps and host community.
  • Capacity development for EEAR  trained facilitators in conflict resolution techniques and mediation
  • Network with key actors and experts in conflicts resolution and mediation
  • Knowledge management of EEAR experience and expertise in conflict resolution and mediation
  • Ensure maintenance and safety of EEAR training and mediation centre


  • Develop EEAR annual action plan with its corresponding budget
  • Monitor and evaluate trainings organized by EEAR trained facilitators and adjust training modules accordingly.
  • Organize and follow up of peace activities with leaders in the field
  • Coordinate and supervise different dialogue with key persons working with EEAR in camps and host community.
  • Report EEAR activities in camps and host community
  • Supervise and coaching selected trainers while conducting trainings on conflict resolution and mediation.
  • Supervise and coaching of peace ambassadors on mediation and conflicts resolution mechanisms
  • Update conflict resolution module
  • Update regularly  the list of peace ambassadors and continue to initiate new ones
  • Attend different meetings related to peace work

Required qualifications

Qualifications and professional experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Science , Education, Peace Studies
  • Proven knowledge of methods of conflicts resolution and transformation including mediation
  • Proven knowledge of monitoring the impact of peace work
  • At least five (5) years  of professional experience in participatory training facilitation
  • At  least (2) years of experience in project management
  • At least (3- 5) years’ experience as a trainer of peace building methods, with a focus on community mediators.

Other knowledge, additional competences

Fluent written and oral knowledge of Kinyarwanda, French and English, knowledge of Kiswahili would be an asset!

  • Knowledge of do no harm
  • Ability to operate Microsoft word, excel and power point
  • Knowledge of experience in planning, monitoring and evaluation of capacity development activities
  • Knowledge of experience in mediation techniques

Highly valued:

  • Knowledge of experience in working with refugee population
  • Direct experience in humanitarian work
  • Knowledge of experience in  working with peace organizations
  • Being a good team player

The position is based in Southern Province of Rwanda (Kigeme camp which is located in Nyamagabe District and Mugombwa camp located in Gisagara District). The position requires a high degree of self-management

Interested candidates should submit their applications (motivation letter, updated CV, certificates and references) until latest 27th July  2022 5 PM, at the reception office of Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda in Kagarama Sector, Kicukiro District or E-mail to .

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Eglise Evangelique des Amis au Rwanda (Evangelical Friends Church of Rwanda) Office, KK15 Rd, 71

St 17, P.O Box 2477 or 1689 Kigali, Rwanda.

Done at Kigali on July 22, 2022

Rev. Mupenda Aaron

Legal Representative of EEAR

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