Human Resources Manager at Urwego Bank PLC (Deadline: 27th May, 2022)

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Human Resources Manager at Urwego Bank PLC (Deadline: 27th May, 2022)

Human Resources Manager at Urwego Bank PLC: (Deadline 27 May 2022)

Human Resources Manager Job Opportunity

Urwego Bank Plc is dedicated to providing financial services to the people of Rwanda. Motivated by Jesus Christ’s call to serve those in need. Its mission is to achieve economic and spiritual transformation in the lives of underserved, using financial services and tested trainings as we share Jesus Christ’s love. Urwego Bank wishes to recruit (1) qualified, competent, committed and proactive Human Resources (HR) Manager to oversee the Human Resources Department of Urwego bank Plc. 

Job Title:  HR Manager

Department:  Corporate Services

Reporting to: Director of Corporate Services

Directly Supervises HR officers

Location: Kigali.


The HR Manager provides overall leadership and direction to the Human Resources function and activities and ensures that these are effectively and efficiently managed to deliver high-quality HR support services, enabling the Bank to accomplish its mission.


To provide professional HR guidance and expertise to Management Team and Urwego in general and to ensure compliance with all internal controls and local employment and labor regulatory policies, procedures and practices.


  • Promote and fulfill the mission of Urwego Bank.
  • Set a precedent among the staff through personal example for healthy discipleship and Christian character.
  • Develop and implement HR business plan, goals, and budget for HR functions and activities in-line with overall corporate objectives.


  • Manage the day-to-day HR functions and activities and resolve any arising conflicts.
  • Implement clear HR organizational structure and job descriptions including roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate, monitor, and control HR performance against agreed upon performance standards and take corrective action against significant deviations.
  • Direct and lead HR support staff, including recruitment, development, and performance assessment.
  • Encourage teamwork and the sharing of best practices amongst all HR staff.
  • Liaise with the Staff Development manager to ensure that staff are adequately trained.


  • Ensure Urwego’s recruitment needs are met in a timely way.
  • Develop and lead transparent, constructive, and effective recruitment processes that result in mission-aligned, motivated, and capable staff filling all open positions.
  • Ensure effective onboarding of all new staff, including training in Urwego’s mission and culture as well as the competencies required to fulfil his/her role.


  • Maintain a consistent fair and transparent performance management process that motivates high performers and removes low performing staff in a healthy fashion.
  • Develop and implement an appropriate performance evaluation form and system.
  • Assist Management Team in setting up of annual performance targets for all staff.
  • Support Management in monitoring and controlling performance against agreed performance standards, in taking corrective action against significant deviations, and in recognizing and rewarding staff who meet or exceed performance standards.
  • Administer annual and semi-annual performance review process, holding Management accountable for timely completion of requirements and collating, analyzing, and reporting results to Management, recommending follow-up actions where necessary.
  • Assist Management to promote and increase the responsibilities of staff in-line with performance and potential.
  • Assist Management to administer performance corrective actions and sanctions as necessary including probations, PIPs, warnings, confirmations, etc., tracking all such corrective actions to ensure compliance with Labor Laws and accountability for Management.
  • Ensure Labor Laws are closely followed and all administrative procedures are followed when dismissing staff due to Gross Negligence, Fraud, or consistent Underperformance.


  • Supervise HR administration functions including salary and benefits.
  • Conduct cost/benefit analyses as-needed to assist Management in choosing the best option for benefits, types of contracts, etc.
  • Monitor and report status of overall headcount budget and staff-related indirect and direct costs and take corrective action on negative variances including payroll, overtime, leave, pension, medical, relocation, and training/development.
  • Monitor annual leave and ensure that staff take leave (and are able to take) the leave that is due to them.
  • Facilitate and track all staff movement details such as new hires, transfers, contract renewals, resignations, dismissals, leave entitlements, etc.
  • Administer Staff Loan program, ensuring all policies and procedures are adhered to and the Staff Loan portfolio has no PAR related to administrative gaps.


  • Work with the executive team to establish strategies for effectively managing staff and keep them engaged and committed to achieving the mission of the Bank.
  • Promote a spirit of ownership and belonging – family rather than a workplace environment.
  • Encourage a flat rather than a vertical relational hierarchy with the Bank structures.


  • Maintain up-to-date HR policy and procedure manuals and ensure full awareness of these documents by all staff.


  • Ensure total compliance with local employment and labor laws, regulations in place, policies, procedures and practices.


  • Ensure that there is regular flow of communication with the Head of HR at HOPE International.


  • Personal confession of Christian faith and commitment to the mission of Urwego Bank;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human resources management, business, economics and or related field;
  • 5 or more years of experience in Human resource work, microfinance, international banking or financial services sector.
  • 5 years of management / leadership experience;
  • Strong organizational skills, including effective time management and prioritization of competing demands/multiple deadlines;
  • Demonstrated analytical and strategic thinking skills;
  • Excellent written, verbal and computer-based communication and presentation skills;
  • Excellent cross-cultural listening, communication and leadership skills;
  • Demonstrated capacity to motivate, develop and lead others in a diverse and geographically distributed context;
  • Advanced computer skills; and
  • Strong English and Kinyarwanda language skills.


  • Achievement Orientation – Set and meet aggressive commitments for self and others.  Overcomes obstacles and accepts responsibility.
  • Customer Orientation – Embodies a strong customer orientation and seeks new and better ways to serve end clients.
  • Good Communicator – Communicates well, both verbally and in writing.  Effectively conveys and shares information with others. Presents ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Maintains positive working relationships with individuals and teams at all levels of the organization.
  • Leadership Skills – Creates a culture of continuous development where employees feel ownership in what they do and continually improve themselves and the business.
  • Critical Judgment and Decision-Making – Define issues and focus on achieving workable solutions to obstacles.  Make sensible decisions on the basis of analysis and experience.
  • Commitment – Commitment to the mission, values and Christian motivation of the organization.


  • Please send your complete application in a single file attachment on the following email (please indicate in the subject application, HR Manager Position)
  • Motivation/application letter explaining your suitability for the HR Manager staff position
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Notarized copies of academic documents.
  • 2 referees that are not blood relatives with their full address/contact.
  • Recommendation from your church leader – Pastor, issued within the 6 months period.
  • Statement of Faith.
  • Copy of your National ID.
  • Criminal Record form from Irembo

Deadline for application: Friday 27th May. 2022 before 5 PM

Only shortlisted Candidates shall be contacted for the test and interview.

Thank you

Urwego Bank PLC 


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