Job Examination for teaching Agriculture in Secondary School – LOJEQ in Agr. Education

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Job Examination for teaching Agriculture in Secondary School – LOJEQ in Agr. Education

Instructions : 1) Attempt All Questions

                      2) Durations: 2Hours

                      3) Maximum: 120 marks

                     4) Level : A0

Q1: a) What do you understand by the term ” Soil Protection”?/ 5pts

b) Describe  the different methods applied in  soil erosion control? / 10pts

c) What is  the meaning of Soil acidity? How it is measured and amended?/ 5pts

Q2: Define the term ” Land Use Consolidation” and  discuss socio-economics impacts to the farmers. /20pts

Q3: Mention and describe  the different Agroforestry System. /20pts

Q4: what do you understand the Term ” Zero gracing” , and explain its advantages and disadvantages. /20pts

Q5: Describe  the fructification of the Groundnuts. /20pts

Q6: a) What is Crops intensification Program (CIP)? /10pts

b) At least mention any five crops specialized in Kirehe District. /10pts

      GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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