Logistics and Procurement Coordinator at Plan International Rwanda (Deadline : 31st March 2021)

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ūüŹėÔłŹ About the Organization and Job Details

Organization Description 

Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.
We believe in the power and potential of every child. But this is often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination. And it’s girls who are most affected.
Working together with children, young people, our supporters, and partners, we strive for a just world, tackling the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children.

We support children‚Äôs rights from birth until they reach adulthood. And we enable children to prepare for ‚Äď and respond to ‚Äď crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national, and global levels using our reach, experience, and knowledge.
We have been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years, and are now active in more than 70 countries.

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ūüďč Job Description

Plan International is a rights-based development and humanitarian organization working for better life for all children. We are independent of government and have no political or religious affiliation. Our purpose is to strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We have been building powerful partnerships for children for more than 80 years, and are now active in more than 70 countries.

Job Purpose

Our global strategy has a specific focus on girls, as they are often the most marginalized and most often left behind. We have committed ourselves to the ambitious target of reaching 100 million girls over 5 years, to ensure they can learn, lead, decide and thrive. This is our contribution to reaching the sustainable development goals, and the goals on gender equality.

Our organization is transforming itself to meet this enormous challenge everywhere we work. We need bold, forward-thinking and innovative individuals to lead our country operations, driving change and delivering results that will allow us to reach our target of 100 million girls.

management scope, reporting lines, key relationships

Direct reports¬†–¬†The post holder will report to the Logistics and Administration Manager (LAM).

Key relationships


  • Program Leadership Team (PLT) members
  • Internal technical networks as relevant
  • Functional departments Heads at PIR
  • Plan Inc. RH, GH, Liaison offices & NOs


  • PIR partners

Level of contact with children

Mid contact: Occasional interaction with children

Physical Environment

  • Typical Office environment with 30% travel in PIR‚Äôs programming areas.

Job Duties& Tasks  and Responsibilities

Project Operational Planning

  • Provide technical support and training to ensure that all grants and/or projects generate and submit high-quality Project Operational Plans.
  • Review submitted Project Operational Plans as part of the Project Outline Approval process and work with project staff to ensure the desired quality levels are attained and then recommend for approval by the LAM.
  • Review Project Outlines to ensure that all issues related to procurement, operational planning, and materials and/or services costing have been adequately addressed before seeking final approval from the LAM.

Premises, Facilities, and Utilities Management

  • Provide day-to-day support to all staff on key facilities including office premises (identification, maintenance and closure/disposal), telephones, internet services and office equipment and identify future needs.
  • Ensure timely welcome services, hotel, and flights bookings, and other support services for staff and visitors.
  • Establish a system to document and track lease agreements and related services e.g. maintenance for all offices (and other leased facilities) and international staff residences. Notify the LAM when renewals or amendments are required.
  • Carry out periodic inspections of all properties used by PIR and identify any repairs, maintenance or alterations required to ensure that they are fit for use. Ensure the inspection reports are filed.
  • Ensure that all utility accounts (e.g. water, electricity, security, internet, etc.) are in place and are always paid on time.
  • Ensure that all PIR properties meet all regulatory requirements especially legal, safety and security.

Inventory Management

  • Ensure all PIR locations have appropriate inventory management systems and appropriate inventory.
  • Carry out periodic spot checks on the accuracy of inventory records.
  • Ensure all staff involved in inventory management receive regular refresher training and updated information of any changes to policy and procedure.
  • Coordinate the conduct of special inventory management requirements for items such as Gifts-in-Kind, food items, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, and hazardous materials.

Asset Management

  • Provide leadership in managing assets, logistics, and inventory in line with the Global Operations Manual.
  • Review and periodically verify asset records.
  • Oversee the management of insurance cover for Plan assets and staff to ensure the reduction of risk.
  • Track the implementation of fixed asset retention and disposal policies to avoid loss, overuse, and misuse of PIR assets.
  • Compile a list of assets due for disposal and provide a recommendation to the LAM.

Procurement Management

  • Ensure the effective implementation of the Global Operations Manual with respect to the procurement function.
  • Develop a country procurement plan and strategy in collaboration with project leads and lead its implementation.
  • Proactively manage issues relating to procurement effectiveness and efficiency, procurement risk, and other key procurement issues.
  • Conduct procurement in line with the Global Operations Manual and the PIR Supplementary Operational Procedures.
  • Facilitate contract negotiations, preparation, awarding, and award notification, and conduct debriefing with bidders.
  • Ensure that project leads receive support in continuously updating their procurement plans and they submit requests in time considering procurement lead times and the to be pro-active.
  • Ensure that LTAs are in place and are being managed properly for all categories of frequently purchased goods/services.
  • Ensure the procurement tracker is updated weekly and available for all staff to access.
  • Participate in PLT meetings and provide procurement updates and resolve any issues arising and ensure that PLT members receive adequate capacity building on key operations matters.
  • Liaise with suppliers and recommend an updated suppliers‚Äô database bi-annually to the LAM based on input from staff and analysis of the procurement plan.
  • Analyses, develops and identify project material requirements derived from the procurement plan in collaboration with all department heads and staff and then recommend appropriate procurements methods to the LAM.
  • Carry out regular field visits to verify delivery and usage of project material according to purchases specifications and implementation plan.
  • Design and implement a community-based procurement strategy to empower upcoming micro-enterprises.
  • Ensure that all PIR locations can identify local suppliers that shorten the procurement cycle and results in value for money.
  • Provide contract administration services including arranging for proper inspection, ensuring compliance with terms and conditions of contracts, addressing delays, troubleshooting problems, assisting in contract amendments, and ensuring completion of works and delivery of goods;
  • Facilitate processes for clearing imported goods from the air or land ports ensuring that customs regulations are followed, and necessary tax exemptions are obtained.
  • Regularly assess risks that are likely to hamper continuous delivery of procurement activities and monitor the mitigating actions that will have been designed.
  • Protect the procurement activities from fraud, waste, and abuse

Logistics Management

  • Provide direct supervision of the Logistics and Administration Officer and thereby establish and maintain a well-functioning logistics support operation for all PIR locations.
  • Review monthly logistics reports (i.e. fuel, mileage etc.) and ensure they are compliant to expected standards before final approval by the LAM.

Administration Department Coordination

  • Provide direct supervision of the¬†front office staff, Procurement Officer(s), Logistics and Administration Officer, and any other procurement staff that may be employed from time to time. Also provides dotted line supervision of PU-based Administration Assistants.
  • Provide supervision, coaching, and motivation to Administration Department staff to enhance and manage their performance and development.
  • Ensure the continuous balanced allocation of tasks and work responsibilities across the department.
  • Ensure all departmental documentation and record filing systems are in place and operating effectively.
  • Support the planning and organization of high-level meetings and workshops.
  • Review departmental budgets for procurement, logistics & other administration-related costs and recommend for approval.


  • Support PIR partners with technical training and on-site support on logistics and procurement issues.
  • Participate in partner assessments in liaison with the programs team.
  • Work in coordination with the Business Development Unit to validate proposals and budgets for consistency and accuracy in line with operations requirements.
  • Carry out research and analysis on the logistics and procurement compliance requirements of potential donors in the pipeline and prepare reference materials.

Risk Management

  • Works closely with the LAM and other functions to conduct operations risk assessments, identify mitigation measures, and to ensure control actions are executed.

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Safeguarding) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI)

  • Understands and puts into practice the responsibilities under Safeguarding and GEI policies and Plan International‚Äôs Code of Conduct (CoC), ensuring that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
  • Ensures that all staff are properly inducted on and understands their role in upholding Plan International‚Äôs safeguarding and GEI policies;
  • Ensures that Plan International‚Äôs global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in day-to-day work.
  • Ensures that Plan Rwanda contributes to Plan International‚Äôs global efforts to ensure safeguarding and GEI, including making sure that relevant reporting and data are submitted.

ūüíľ Job Specification

Job Requirements (All):


  • Atleast 4 years and above experience in Logistics and procurement.
  • ¬†Bachalor degree in related field
  • Proven experience in logistics, procurements, asset, and facilities management in an INGO.
  • Proven understanding of ‚Äúchild rights‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúgender in development‚ÄĚ concepts and the promotion of girls‚Äô rights in the context of relevant International Conventions (Convention of the Rights of the Child, Convention for the Eradication of Discrimination against Women) and the Global Goals (SDGs).
  • Knowledge of the project management cycle of design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation and how operations are critical at each stage.
  • Excellent written & spoken English and Kinyarwanda.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, representation, and negotiation skills.
  • Excellent analytical and writing (English) skills.
  • Sound planning, time management and administrative skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure, in a team, and for long hours if required.
  • Excellent computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PPT software.
  • Knowledge of several donor regulations.
  • Experience in working in culturally diverse setting.
  • Experience in working in humanitarian and/or development spheres.
  • Proven track record of coaching and capacity building.
  • Experience and understanding of the concepts of sustainable community development and participatory approaches and practice in development interventions.
  • Knowledge of the requirements of donor compliance and financial management.


  • Relevant University degree in, Finance, Accounting, Business administration or related field. A post-graduate university degree in these areas may be an added value.
  • Experience working in a humanitarian or NGO environment.


Purpose, Values, and Global Strategy                   

  • Are aware of the values and the global strategy and understands why Plan International‚Äôs purpose is so important in advancing children‚Äôs rights and equality for girls globally.¬† Understands and applies the principles of safeguarding and protection of the vulnerable populations with which Plan International works.
  • Can succinctly articulate the purpose, values, and global strategy to a range of audiences. Can explain how Plan International will deliver on its objectives through the theory of change and communicates the implications for their team.

Structure and Governance             

  • Aware of the different structural and governing elements, including national organisations, global hub, regional hubs, country offices, liaison offices, members assembly, international board, and the leadership team.
  • Aware of Plan International‚Äôs main sources of funding and knows where to find company information.
  • Understands the purpose, lines of accountability, and decision-making capacity for each structural element of the organisation. Helps their team to understand where they sit within the organisational structure.

Context and Culture            

  • Aware of the processes, institutions, and organisations that shape the development and humanitarian context. Understands their local operating environment, demonstrating political, social, and cultural awareness.
  • Supports their team to understand the local operating environment and to consider the implications for work activities. Adjusts work activities and practices to reflect the political, financial, social, and cultural context.


  • Applies the Code of Conduct principles to their work activities.
  • Understands their responsibility to manage legal and reputational risk relevant to their role.
  • Participates in risk assessments, applies actions to their work activities, and reports risks using the correct procedure.
  • Aware of the global methods of assessing risk, the local control environment, and the controls in place to mitigate risk.
  • Uses Plan International‚Äôs logo and brand appropriately.
  • Aware of how to minimise risk in each core standard.

Core Risk-Related Standards

  • Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection:¬†Understands their safeguarding responsibilities in accordance with the global policy. Work actively to safeguard the rights of children and young people
  • Gender, Equality, and Inclusion:¬†Understands and can identify the causes of gender discrimination, exclusion, and inequality.
  • Counter Fraud:¬†Works according to Plan International‚Äôs zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption. Reports any suspicions of fraud to the Counter Fraud Unit.
  • Safety and Security:¬†Applies all necessary measures to ensure they work safely and securely.

Planning and budgeting

  • Understands the planning procedures relevant to their role and contributes to annual planning where possible.
  • Contributes to their individual accountability plan and understands how they contribute to the team and organisational plan.
  • Plans their own work activities in line with the assigned budget.


  • Aware of the procurement procedures relevant to their role and responsibilities.
  • Understands the importance of buying and using resources to achieve value for money.


  • Knows the resources required for their role. Manages their own workload, avoiding under or overcommitting to delivery activities.
  • Works according to a budget and uses the relevant financial systems.
  • Works according to principles of data protection.
  • Understands how information is used for reporting and decisions making.
  • Seeks to continually improve personal working practices.

programme and project management

  • Aware of the programmes that Plan International delivers directly and through partner organisations.
  • Aware of the programme and project management procedures relevant to their role.
  • Complies with financial procedures and controls relevant to their role.
  • Seeks opportunities to reflect on and learn from all work, programme, and project activities.


  • Understands their responsibilities, level of decision making, and how their role contributes to the wider team.
  • Works in accordance to the policies and procedures relevant to their role and responsibilities.
  • Uses the personal development tools available.


  • Creates channels of communication with other individuals and teams.
  • Identifies with the Plan International logo and brand and understand what they represent.
  • Applies the brand guidelines to all forms of written and verbal communication.
  • Considers the audience, purpose, and accessibility of all communications, taking the local context and culture into account.¬† Where necessary, adjusts the tone, style, complexity, and level of technical detail of communication accordingly.

Evidence-Based Management: Understands the importance of high-quality data and the implications of poor data. Understands what data Plan International needs to inform decision-making. Interprets a range of sources to inform evidence-based decisions relevant to their role.

Digital Working: Identifies ways to use digital to improve the effectiveness of work activities. Understands how digital enablers can contribute to achieving Plan International’s purpose.  Utilises the digital tools available in line with privacy and safeguarding guidelines.

leadership competencies

  • Courageous in taking a lead, focussed on Plan International’s purpose and making the most effective contribution within my own work context.
  • Behaves in line with our values and safeguarding practices, inside and outside work.
  • Challenges own attitudes, unconscious bias, and behaviour and speaks up when they see wrong doing, especially by those who use their power over others to create fear or abuse.
  • Understand and adhere to the policies, processes, practices and standards relevant to own work and keeps their knowledge and skills up to date.
  • Honest and efficient in use of resources, including own time.
  • Takes responsibility for own performance and development: reflecting; seeking and listening to feedback; learning from mistakes; finding people or resources to help them learn.
  • Constructive and optimistic in facing setbacks, challenges, and change, using own initiative to analyse issues and improve things.
  • Good team player, communicating effectively and being open and supportive towards those around them.

Plan International’s Values in Practice

We are open and accountable

  • Promotes a culture of openness and transparency, including with sponsors and donors.
  • Holds self and others accountable to achieve the highest standards of integrity.
  • Consistent and fair in the treatment of people.
  • Open about mistakes and keen to learn from them.
  • Accountable for ensuring we are a safe organisation for all children, girls & young people

We strive for a lasting impact

  • Articulates a clear purpose for staff and sets high expectations.
  • Creates a climate of continuous improvement, open to challenge and new ideas.
  • Focuses resources to drive change and maximise long-term impact, responsive to changed priorities or crises.
  • Evidence-based and evaluates effectiveness.

We work well together

  • Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
  • Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
  • Develops trusting and ‚Äėwin-win‚Äô relationships with funders, partners, and communities.
  • Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.

We are inclusive and empowering

  • We empower our staff to give their best and develop their potential
  • We respect all people, appreciate differences and challenge equality in our programs and our workplace
  • We support children, girls and young people to increase their confidence and to change their own lives.

Location: Kigali

Reports to: Logistics and Administrative Manager

Grade: D1

ūüĆź How to Apply

Closing Date: 31st March 2021


  1. This position is only advertised internaly. Only Plan International Rwanda Staff are allowed to apply and females are encouraged to apply.
  2. Early application is encouraged as we will review applications throughout the advertising period and reserve the right to close the advert early.
  3. Equality, diversity, and inclusion is at the very heart of everything that Plan International stands for.We want Plan International to reflect the diversity of the communities we work with, offering equal opportunities to everyone regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.
  4. Plan International is based on a culture of inclusivity and we strive to create a workplace environment that ensures every team, in every office, in every country, is rich in diverse people, thoughts, and ideas.We foster an organisational culture that embraces our commitment to racial justice, gender equality, girls’ rights, and inclusion.
  5. Plan International believes that in a world where children face so many threats of harm, it is our duty to ensure that we, as an organisation, do everything we can to keep children safe. This means that we have particular responsibilities to children that we come into contact with and we must not contribute in any way to harming or placing children at risk.
  6. A range of pre-employment checks will be undertaken in conformity with Plan International’s Safeguarding Children and Young People policy. Plan International also participates in the Inter Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme. In line with this scheme, we will request information from applicants previous employers about any findings of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and/or sexual harassment during employment, or incidents under investigation when the applicant left employment. By submitting an application, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.

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