MoH is now authorized to appoint regulated staff in positions in the Health Sector through non competition

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National Public Service Commission (NPSC) has Replied Ministry of Health (MoH) ‘s letter asked  to appoint regulated staff and Contacts in positions  across the health Sector through non competition.

The response letter continue saying that  ,  Based on the reasons MoH have pointed out for the problem of delayed access to regulated employees
and agreements required in hospitals and health centers, as well as the use of tests by these staff which is difficult due to Covid-19 prevention strategies  , After analyzing the reasons  MoH  gave , NPSC  find them justified  and allowed them to do what they have requested.

Read Full response Letter sent by  National Public Service Commission (NPSC)  as shown below

Response Letter by NPSC to MoH

Read FULL PSC Letter IN  PDF Format Here

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