Recruitment Test for PROCUREMENT OFFICER (MARKING SCHEME – Question and Suggested Answers)

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Recruitment Test for PROCUREMENT OFFICER (MARKING SCHEME – Question and Suggested Answers)

Question one  with   its  SUGGESTED ANSUERS

Explain the following terms   /10 mks

i. Tender committee: Tender Committee:  committee  established  by

The procuring entity.  It  is  in  charge  of  bid  opening,  evaluation  and  recommendation  for  award of public procurement contracts;

ii. Framework agreement framework agreement:  a  contractual arrangement between a procuring entity and one or a bigger number of bidders which allows the procuring  entity  to  procure  works,  services  or supplies  that  are  needed  continuously  or repeatedly  at  an  agreed  price  over  a  period  of time,  through  the  placement  of  a  number  of orders

  • Corrupt practices: offering, giving, receiving or soliciting, directly  or  indirectly,  of  anything  of value to influence a civil servant or government entity

iii. Accounting officer: Any official empowered to approve reports of the tender committee and sign the contract on behalf of the procuring entity.

He/she must be legally authorized to act as the chief budget manager within the public entity he/she is working for

iv. Successful bidder:  Bidder whose offer has been accepted after  being  considered  the  most competitive both technically and financially and has  been  selected  by  the  procuring  entity  in accordance  with  the  provisions  of  this    It also  refers  to  one  who  has  been  awarded  a contract  with  a  procuring  entity  through uncompetitive method”

Question two.  /10mks

State and explain responsibilities of procurement unit in public procurement proceedings?


1º To prepare procurement planning;

2º  To prepare bidding documents;

3º  To publish and distribute tender notice;

4º  To receive and safe keeping of bids;

5º  To  request  competent  authorities   to  approve recommendations for the award of tender;

6º  To  prepare  notification  of  tender  award  to  a successful bidder;

7º  To  monitor  contract  execution  in  collaboration with the beneficiary department;

8º  To  provide  information  and  documents  to Rwanda Public Procurement Authority;

9º  Any other responsivities provided by regulations on public procurement.

Question three.      /10 mks

What are the roles of the tender committee?


The procuring entity shall establish a tender Committee with the following responsibilities:

1º  To conduct bids opening;

2º  to evaluate bids;

3º  To recommend tender award;

4º  To  provide  recommendations  on  all  issues relating to public procurement;

5º  to provide advices on bidding documents before their publication;

6º  To approve tenders to be awarded through other method than open competitive one;

7º  To  approve  any  change  to  be  carried  out  on  the procurement contract.

Question four.     /10 mks

  1. What is bid document?
  2. What are the contents of bidding documents?


  1. Bidding documents: Means the tender solicitation documents or other documents for

Solicitation of bids on the basis of which bidders are to prepare their bids;

  1. The bidding document shall set out the following:

1º  the  specific  requirements  relating  to  the  goods, works  or  services  to  be  procured  and  the  time limit for delivery and completion;

2º  if  it  concerns  procurement  of  works,  relevant drawings and bills of quantities;

3º  the general and specific conditions governing the contract, if the performance security is provided;

4º  the reference number of the tender that shall be used in the tender award process provided by the procuring entity;

5º  instructions  for  the  preparation  and  submission of tenders including:

  1. a) the standard bid form;
  2. b) the number  of  copies  to  be  submitted  with  the original bid;
  3. c) any bid  security  required,  standard  form  and amount of such security;
  4. d) any document  evidencing  the  bidder’s qualifications;
  5. e) the place and date of bids submitting;
  6. f) a place and date of bids opening;

6º  a  clause  indicating  whether  those  submitting tenders  or  their  representatives  are  allowed  to attend the tenders opening session;

7º  a clause indicating validity period of bids;

8º  the  rules  and  criteria  for  bids  evaluation  and comparison;

9º  a clause indicating that the procuring entity may

cancel the bids at any time before the signing of the contract;

10º  anything  else  as  may  be  provided  for  by  the bidding  document  in  accordance  with  this  Law or public procurement regulations.

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