Recruitment written Exam for JADF Officer

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Recruitment Exam for JADF Officer   – ENGLISH VERSION 

  1. JADF in the Context Decentralization : what do you know about JADF (Joint Action Development Forum?). can you relate JADF and Decentralization? /20 pts
  2. Roles and responsibilities : The JADF officer is  responsible to carry out day to day management and  monitoring of JADF operations. Can you elaborate on these responsibilities? /20 pts
  3. JADF management and planning:  Suppose that you have been selected  as JADF officer in the district. Can you present possible outputs and related activities (at least 3 activities per output) for the following objectives?                                                                                                                         a) Improve Voice and participation of local organizations in the JADF                                     b)Mainstream Local Economic Development as a strategy for  wealth creation within JADF /20 pts
  4. Facilitation Skills: Suppose that you have been selected  as JADF officer in the district. One of you role will be to facilitate some meetings or other forum activities. What the main qualities of a good facilitators (at least 5 qualities ). Explain /15 pts
  5. Open day: What do you know about  the JADF and Open day in the districts?. Can you provide some suggestions on how to organize  a successful  open day in the districts? /15 pts

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