Request for quotation for one Three-wheel motorcycle at Land O’Lakes Venture37 (Deadline: 18th May,2022)

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Request for quotation for one Three-wheel motorcycle at Land O’Lakes Venture37 (Deadline: 18th May,2022)

🏘️ The Organization 

Land O’Lakes Venture37

📋 Tender Description Details


Land O’Lakes Venture37

Rwanda Orora Wihaze Project

Funded by USAID

RFQ Number: 22-ROW-PROC-0010

RFQ Title: Three-wheel motorcycle

Date Issued:                       4th May 2022

Issuing Office: Kigali, Rwanda

Closing Date:         5:00 PM on 18th May 2022 

Quotations received after the closing date/time mentioned, may be rejected

Land O’Lakes Venture37 seeks quotes for one Three-wheel motorcycle for use in implementation of Orora Wihaze project in Rwanda. The details of the requirements and the terms and conditions for the procurement are given below:

1) Item and Quantity:

One (1) Three-wheel motorcycle as specified in Annex 1.

2) Delivery and installation point:

Bidder should quote delivery costs to Nyamagabe district, Rwanda

3) Technical specifications:

Equipment should be in factory new condition as per specifications seen in Annex 1. The bid which don’t meet the requirement will not be evaluated.

4) Conformity with Technical Specifications/Terms

  • Your quote should be for one option only, conforming to the attached specifications, and suited to Rwandan conditions.
  • A fully illustrated set of technical literature for the motorcycle and equipment should be forwarded along with the offer
  • Country of manufacture and brand names of items/machines/accessories must be specified.
  • Source country, that is the country in which the item is available for sale and from which the item is shipped to its destination in Rwanda, should be clearly identified.
  • Facilities, Availability and Location of in-country Service and Maintenance Support, and Spare parts availability – should be clearly stated.

5) Cost breakdown:

  • Unit price of motorcycle delivered in Nyamagabe district.
  • Total price to point of delivery in Nyamasheke distirct (including transportation) and any relevant customs fees
  • Prices should be VAT and Import TAX exclusive (Relevant Documents to be obtained)

6) Price:

Price quoted (at midrate on delivery date) must be net, less any discount offered, and should include costs of transportation to specified delivery point (Clause 2).

Installation charges should be shown separately, if any. VAT should be excluded.

7) Validity

Prices offered in the quotation must be firm and valid for 90 days from the closing date of the RFQ. No increase in price will be considered after closing of the RFQ.

8) Delivery Date:

The Three-wheel motorcycle is required to be delivered in 30 days. If the equipment is not available in-stock, state expected availability.

9) Inspection

Rwanda Orora Wihaze program staff will inspect the equipment prior to delivery and acceptance.

10) VAT/Taxes

Rwanda Orora Wihaze can provide reference to VAT exemption. All other applicable taxes, duties, levies, export clearances/licenses in the country of origin/loading etc. shall be borne by the supplier.

11) Payment

Payment will be made within 30 days from date of receipt of items, subject to installation and inspection and receipt of all supporting documents delivered in good order by the seller.

12) Guarantee/ Warranty 

The supplier shall provide the schedule of warrantly/guarantee against any/all defects in workmanship and materials.

13) Bid Evaluation Criteria:

Award will be made to the organization with the lowest priced, responsive, responsible bid which meets all the terms and conditions of this solicitation.

  • Price: 50%
  • Delivery: 20%
  • Warranty: 20%
  • Reliability/Dependability/Serviceability : 10%

 Note: The offeror will demonstrate the ability to facilitate customs and tax exoneration per USG agreement in the Rwanda and the project’s tax exoneration documentation (can be provided by Venture37 when appropriate)

14) Right to Cancel Solicitation and Reject Offers.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any offer or cancel or reissue this RFQ without assigning any reason.

15) Submission of Quotation:

i. Email quotations should indicate the RFQ number and title in the subject line.

(a) Supplier’s name and address, and

(b) RFQ No: ROW-2022-0010 – Three-wheel motorcycle

(c) Offers should be addressed to: (Via email or hard copy)

To: Land O’Lakes Venture37, Rwanda Orora Wihaze

Golden Plaza, Kacyiru – Gasabo, KG 546, Street 1, Kigali, Rwanda.

Attn: Procurement Team


Or submit a hard copy to our office: Golden Plaza, Kacyiru – Gasabo, KG 546, Street 1

ii. Quotation should consist of:

  • Your offer;
  • Copy of this RFQ and the specifications (Annex 1) duly signed; and
  • Complete technical literature for Three-wheel motorcycle quoted, including specifications, instructions, and any other important details about the product.

16) Expenses relating to submission of quotation

Issuance of this RFQ in no way obligates Land O’Lakes Venture37 Rwanda Orora Wihaze to award a contract or purchase order and bidders will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of this bid. All preparation and submission costs are at the bidder’s expense.


Annex 1 – Specifications

Annex 1: Specifications

Three-wheel motorcycle (Tricycle 200CC hard body with Carpot)



Make and model example



5 forward speed, 1 reverse

Brakes front/rear

Drum/ Drum

Seats material


Fuel tank and fuel

13 litres minimum

Engine type

One cylinder, 4-stroke, Water cooling

Tyres size



Shaft drive with reverse

Max loading capacity

 1500 KG-2500 KG

Maximum Speed

 75 km/h

Sitting places

2 covered places (one for the driver and another person )

Rear Body

Covered with metallic sheet   / Double outdoors

Spare parts

Available on local Market (Rwanda)


  • Indicate length of warranty period and itemize the parts and services covered.

Delivery Time

  • Indicate a firm date to effect delivery to designated point:  Kigali

Reliability Rating

  • Indicate product rating for Reliability, Dependability, and Serviceability.

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