Social Skills trainer at Three Mountains learning advisors (Due: 15th May,2022)

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Social Skills trainer at Three Mountains learning advisors (Due: 15th May,2022)

🏘️ About the Organization 

Few Information About Us
Three Mountains learning advisors

Our mission is to spearhead the development and use of effective e-learning in Rwanda and the East African Community.  We want the brand “made in Rwanda” for e-learning to mean: localized, interactive, well adapted, creative and effective.

We aim to be a creative and exciting company where young people have the chance to grow and achieve their ambitions. Within 10 years the company will be fully owned by our employees. They will further develop the company in Rwanda and abroad.

📋 Job Description Details

Job Position Title : Social Skills trainer
Number of Job Positions: 1
Job Positing Date: 04th May,2022
Job Closing Date : 15th May,2022

💼 Job Specification

Social Skills trainer

Three Mountains learning advisors is a Rwanda based Training and E-learning development company. We are pioneers in the development of localised e-based training material in Rwanda. We help people and organisations develop their potential and improve their performance. We create engaging training and information material, like videos, images, exercises, leaflets, posters and interactive online courses in close collaboration with the content experts of our partner organisation. We provide face-to-face and online training and coaching and we facilitate teambuilding and company retreats.

In our Life Skills Academy, we train young graduates and professionals to improve their life and work skills using a blended approach; first learners do an e-course, next they do a face-to-face or online training, followed by eight weeks of group coaching in a WhatsApp group.

More information:

Three Mountains is looking for a social skills trainer who is also interested to develop online training material and e-courses.

As a social skills trainer, you will:

  • deliver online and face-to-face social skills training, using the materials developed by Three Mountains learning advisors
  • develop lessons plans and new (online) training materials on a variety of topics, often using formative assessment
  • use various types of learning software such as Easy generator, Rise 360, Moodle…
  • play a role in marketing the Life Skills Academy
  • participate in the daily activities of the company, like acquisition, project management, report writing
  • assist interns


Our winning candidate:

  • has three to four years of experience in delivering life and work skills training, face-to-face and preferably also online
  • can deal with group dynamics and has a keen eye for the needs of individual learners
  • can create a learning environment in which learners can discover their capabilities and grow
  • is interested in instructional design and willing to learn how to develop e-based content
  • enjoys writing and making training materials
  • has a bachelor’s degree in education, communication, social studies or related fields
  • is a team player, willing to learn and to give and receive feedback
  • has attention to detail
  • is fluent in English and Kinyarwanda in expression, reading and writing – knowledge of French and/or Swahili is considered an asset
  • is familiar with Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint and Excel

What we offer

  • A positive atmosphere with hard work, humour and personal attention
  • Opportunity to learn to develop and program e-courses in Easy Generator and produce videos
  • A variety of tasks and opportunities to present yourself and show your worth in practice.
  • Professional coaching and honest feedback
  • Access to a great network of professionals and organisations in Rwanda and abroad related to e-learning
  • A starting salary of between 350.000 and 450.000 RWF net per month, depending on your experience
  • A medical insurance

🌐 How to Apply

Mode of Application and any other relevant application information
  1. Do our e-course “Improve your communication” and do the assignment (see for instructions below)
  2. Write a short motivation letter
  3. Attach your CV
  4. Send these three documents by email to: addressing the recruitment team

The deadline for submission is Sunday, 15 May 2022.


  • Only applications containing all three elements (the motivation letter, the CV and the answers to the assignment) will be taken into consideration.
  • There is no need to send copies of diplomas, references, or other formal documents at this stage. Only those invited to the interview will need to bring certain documents.

How to answer the assignment 

Go to the course “Improve your communication”. Do the course online. This will take you about one hour.  Then answer the following questions:

  1. Mention at least two strong points and two weak points of this course.
  2. Describe one activity that you would do with a group of learners who have followed the e-course and are now ready for their face-to-face training.

If you have further questions, write us an email at

🌀 WIDECareers Group Ltd  igufasha  gutambutsa Amatangazo ry’Akazi  ndetse n’ayandi yose ajyanye nabyo kuri murandasi muburyo bwiza , bugezweho kandi  bwihuse,  rikagera kuri benshi barikeneye  icyarimwe mu gihe gito ( Job  Promotion & Placement Services), saba  iyi service nonaha : 👉🏾 KANDA  HANO

🌀 WIDECareers Group Ltd  igufasha  gukora Job Application mu buryo bwihuse kandi bwizewe (Online Application Assistance & Career Counceling), saba ubufasha nonaha : 👉🏾 KANDA  HANO

🌀 Reba Imyanya y’Akazi  yose iri kw’Isoko ry’Umurimo mu Rwanda 👉🏾 KANDA  HANO

🌀 Reba Ibizamini  byose by’Akazi  biba byaragiye  bikorwa  kumyanya y’Akazi mu bigo bitandukanye unyuze hano : 👉🏾 KANDA  HANO

🌀 Injira muri Groupe ya WIDECareers ikugezaho Amakuru yizewe y’Imirimo itandukanye n’Akazi kari kw’Isoko Ry’Umurimo mu Rwanda , unyuze hano : 👉🏾 KANDA  HANO

 240 All the time,  1 To day

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