Specialist in employment support / professional integration and entrepreneurship at Expertise France (Deadline: 23rd May,2022)

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Specialist in employment support / professional integration and entrepreneurship at Expertise France (Deadline: 23rd May,2022)

🏘️ About the Organization 

Few Information About Us
Expertise France

Expertise France is the French international technical expertise agency. Its mission is to participate in France’s policy of international cooperation, development aid and economic influence, by responding to the growing demand for expertise from developing countries and emerging countries to build public policies, taking into consideration their institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges.

📋 Job Description Details

Job Position Title : Specialist in employment support / professional integration and entrepreneurship
Number of Job Positions 1
Job Posting Date: 17th May,2022
Job Closing Date : 23rd May,2022

💼 Job Specification

Specialist in employment support / professional integration and entrepreneurship 

Rwanda Polytechnics has signed a financial agreement with the French Development Agency (AFD), for the implementation of a pilot project in the district of Rulindo: AFTER Project (Appui à la Formation Technique et l’Emploi à Rulindo). Expertise France, the French Agency for international technical expertise, has been asked to support the implementation of the project until 2024.

The project consists in 3 components:

  • Component 1: Reinforcement of the training offer in IPRC Tumba and TVET around the IPRC:
  • Component 2: Reinforcement and development of schemes to foster professional integration and entrepreneurship in the district
  • Component 3: Technical assistance to the project management and support to the various actors involved in the territorial scheme

At the same time, in relation with the first positive results with AFTER project, the Rwandan authorities, AFD and Expertise France are considering, as early 2023 extending the project to two new districts of Nyamagabe and Karongi – with one IPRC and four TVET schools in each district.

The new phase of the project also aims to scale up the pilot actions of component 2 to the national level, i.e : (i) strengthening the employability of students through better collaboration with employers and better monitoring students during and after their studies (ii) strengthening support for entrepreneurship in IPRCs and TVET schools (iii) strengthening the capacities of the Districts in the follow-up of job seekers and entrepreneurs.

To this end, AFD is mobilizing Expertise France within the framework of the Cap Compétences multi-country facility to conduct the feasibility study for this project.

A team of four consultants will be mobilized:

  • A team leader specialized in project design
  • A TVET specialist
  • A specialist in employment support / professional integration/entrepreneurship
  • A gender and social inclusion specialist

The present call for applications concerns the profile of a specialist in employment support / professional integration/entrepreneurship.


  • Feedback from AFTER project on relations with employers, follow-up of graduates, entrepreneurship, incubators or entrepreneurship clubs in the targeted institutions (IPRC Tumba and 4 TVET schools in the district)
  • Feedback from the AFTER project on the mechanisms implemented to enhance employability and entrepreneurship in Rulindo district
  • Analyse the practices in place in the two IPRCs and the selected TVET schools in Nyamagabe and Karongi districts to support student employability, the link between institutions and employers, the follow-up/mentoring of graduates for professional orientation and integration, entrepreneurship.

Propose actions for strengthening.

  • Analyse the available capacities and existing support mechanisms for employment and entrepreneurship in the districts of Rulindo, Nyamagabe and Karongi.

Propose actions for strengthening.

  • Consult the supervision authorities (RP, RTB, MINALOC) at the national level (and possibly a focus group of the structures concerned) in order to identify standard actions to support employment, professional integration, and entrepreneurship in IPRC, TVET schools, and the districts and evaluate the global resources and funding to be mobilized.
  • Determine, for the actions identified above in the IPRCs, TVETs, districts, and at the national level, the resources to be mobilized (goods, services, technical assistance, etc.)

These elements aim to feed the action plan of the future project

Make an inventory of the actions carried out by the other partners within the project’s perimeter and promote synergies.

  • Identify the key players and stakeholders in the action plan and their roles and responsibilities.

These elements aim to feed the intervention scheme of the future project.

  • Budget the actions and inputs proposed in the action plan

Also evaluate the additional and recurrent operating costs generated by the action plan

  • Propose the indicators, implementation hypotheses, implementation schedule, and procurement plan for the actions proposed of the future project.

These elements aim to feed the logical framework and the operational design of the future project.

Required experience

  • Bachelor degree (or equivalent level diploma) in social science or similar field;
  • Successful experience of at least 5 years in implementing projects/schemes in the field of professional integration, entrepreneurship, training-employment relations, particularly with graduates;
  • Experience or knowledge of the vocational and technical training sector would be an asset
  • Experience in the set-up of projects funded by international donors would be an asset.

Required skills

  • Excellent command of office equipment, especially Excel and Word;
  • Excellent command of English (written and oral);
  • A good command of French would be an asset
  • Writing skills;
  • Initiative, autonomy and responsiveness;
  • Adaptability ;
  • Analysis and synthesis skills;
  • Organizational skills and thoroughness;
  • Communication, coordination and teamwork skills;
  • Ability in andragogy / capacity building;
  • Interpersonal skills, sense of diplomacy.

🌐 How to Apply

Mode of Application and any other relevant application information

Please note that application documents would be forwarded to this email: silas.niyitegeka@expertisefrance.fr and the deadline is 23rd/05/2022.

Duration: Immediate start and final delivery in October 2022.

The number of days and fees for expertise will be discussed with the shortlisted candidates in an interview.

Notes: Application documents should contain a CV, cover letter and certificates and if you are a company, please send your company profile with the CVs of the person who will perform the task above

Kindly note that Expertise France will not be able to notify all the applicants. Only candidates who have been selected will be contacted.

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