Supply Chain Officer at Federation Handicap International(Deadline:17 July 2022)

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Supply Chain Officer at Federation Handicap International(Deadline:17 July 2022)

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Federation Handicap International which runs its programs under its operational name “Humanity &Inclusion” (HI) is looking for a SUPPLY CHAIN OFFICER.


Handicap International Federation (HI) Rwanda which operates under the name Humanity & Inclusion is an independent and impartial International Organization that was founded in 1982 and operates in Rwanda since 1994. It envisages a Rwanda society that is inclusive, supportive, and respectful of the rights of vulnerable people and especially persons with disabilities.

Working alongside persons with disabilities and other vulnerable people, it commits itself to meet their essential needs, improving their living condition, and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights. It does so by supporting the policies and initiatives of public authorities and civil society to advance the rights of vulnerable people, particularly persons with disabilities across Rwanda.

Job summary

Position: Supply Chain Officer

Location: Rwanda

Duration: 5 months

Specific Roles and key responsibilities


Responsibility 1: Follow up the program procurement organization at national Level 

Aim: To cover the program logistical needs for materials, equipment and services

Benchmarks: compliance with supply management procedures, security of supply; quality of purchases/invitation to tender; quality of the transport of merchandise; regularity and pertinence of updates to the supplier data base, quality of the monitoring of Purchase and Service Requests; project team’s satisfaction with the management of purchases.


  • Activity 1. Involving in setting procurement plan setting in collaboration with Logistics Manager and project Staffs
  • Activity 2. Support Logistics Manager to analyze the local market and keep an up-to-date database of local suppliers that satisfy the mission’s criteria (quality, price, service, ethics) and needs
  • Activity 3. Organize local and regional procurement process according authorized PSR received from the teams in line with HI Purchasing procedure within accountability, transparency
  • Activity 4.  Maintain Supply records of Purchase monitoring Chart (PMC)
  • Activity 5. Organize local transportation of merchandise: choice of transport and packing, planning and monitoring of consignments, administrative and customs clearance formalities
  • Activity 6. Organize any distribution of merchandise for the project’s sites
  • Activity 7. Makes sure that goods and services provided comply with the request (quality, quantity, price, deadline, origin, etc.)
  • Activity 8. Receives the invoice and prepare HI Payment Authorization form to be validated by the Budget Holders with attaches a copy of the Purchase and Service Request for transmission to the cashier.
  • Activity 9. Follow up and maintaining the Services and Supplies Framework contract and its monitoring chart

Responsibility 2: Carrying out or ensuring correct management of warehouse or Storages dedicated to store equipment’s and items for the operation at national Level.

Aim: To provide to the operation’s team of the requested items or other technical equipment’s to run the operation and well organization storage system

Benchmarks: compliance with stock management procedures, quality and security of stock system, quality of the transport of merchandise; the availability of relevant stock, conditional maintain of Stock card, regularity and pertinence of updates to Stock Monitoring Chart, quality of the monitoring of stock distribution, the quality of stock inventory exercises, project team’s satisfaction with the management of Stock


  • Activity 1. Follow up the identification of stock need in collaboration with project manager, and Logistic Manager to prepare PSR for operation kits and consumable replacement need
  • Activity 2. Follow up and update the Stock cards in according receiving or releasing stock movement
  • Activity 3. Update monthly stock report (SMC) base on Stock Card and transmitted to Logistic Manager
  • Activity 4. Establishing staff and equipment forecasts required for loading/unloading
  • Activity 5. Organize the physical management of stocks in collaboration with Logistic Manager
  1. Organize the periodic inventory stock take or reconciliation
  2. organize periodic stock controls; Stock Card and stock monitoring chart
  3. manage the flow of merchandise
  • Activity 6. Provide the relevant information and report of stock to Project managers or relevant owner of stock.

Responsibility 3: Organize Supply Chains administrative filing system  

Aim: the existence of logistic archiving for manual –computerize, for good reporting and auditing purposes

Benchmarks: Quality of filing system to track all Supply chain information for reporting and auditing purposes


  • Activity 1. Managing supplies archives are handled in both of manual and computerize
  • Activity 2. Providing all relevant auditing document in collaboration with Log and Finance managers
  • Activity 3. Submit the relevant tools of base or functions handled regularly

Responsibility 4:  Respect of HI identity, rules and policies 

Aim: HI identity, ethic, rules and procedures are respected

Benchmark: HI code of conduct and ethic, HI mandate and values, HI rules and operating procedure, HI policies are known, understood, applied and respected.


  • Activity 1. In coordination with the Human Resources Manager and Program Manager
  • Activity 2. Know, understand, apply and respect HI code of conduct and ethics, HI mandate and values, HI rules and operating procedure, HI policies (child protection policy, policy and mechanism for the prevention of and fight against bribery, the protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse policy) and make sure they are known, understood, applied and respected
  • Activity 3. Know, understand, apply and respect HI security rules and make sure they are known, understood and applied
  • Activity 4. Regular refresher trainings are organized

General: Any other duties and tasks as assigned by Rwanda mission in line with mission objectives, outcomes, implementation and strategy.

He/she will have to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promotes the implementation of the code of conduct.

Required Qualification and competences

Professional skills


  • Estimate and organise the workload
  • Facilitate work of designing a resource plan
  • Consolidate the contract
  • Understanding the issues involved in resources planning (cost optimisation / delivery dates / quality) and its complexity


  •  Define supplier selection criteria
  • Analyse and guide planning /purchasing /procurement policy in the light of contract performance
  • Legal knowledge of civil and commercial law, HI policies (contracts)


  • Analyse the needs of requestor
  • Know where and how to find supplier
  • Know how to read a contract and the essential clause
  • Knowledge on local market and ability of negotiation

Stock management

  • Know the principles governing the entry and withdrawal of goods of goods and the circulation of flows and people
  • Know the rules for making sites secure
  • Know how to interpret the professional process

Transport organisation

  • Understanding the functioning and objective of efficiently managing the transport of people and goods.

Required Professional experience

  • At least 3 years’ experience in Procurement and Logistics.
  • Solid working knowledge of the 7 steps of sourcing process
  • Sufficient contract negotiation and implementation experience
  • Strong understanding of market analysis, supplier performance evaluation, supplier development and management
  • Experience of International NGO or demonstrated equivalent combination

Required Education, training, and certification

  • Minimum of Bachelor degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Business administration/ Procurement and Logistics.

Preferred knowledge and qualifications

  • Well organised, with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail
  • Strong computer skills and solid background working with modern office software and reporting tools (ERP).
  • Forward thinking and innovative, with an ability to research, analyse and evaluate components of supply chain processes
  • Self-motivated with strong communication skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic team environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to use email and the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel.
  • A communicative English, French and Kinyarwanda languages.
  • Good computer operating skills (excel + word)
  • Ability working with multicultural and plural-disciplinary teams

N.B: Women are highly encouraged to apply

Application Process

How to apply: The application file must include a letter of motivation addressed to the Country Manager of HI in Rwanda, accompanied by the coordinates of 3 professional references related to the position, certificates of services rendered, a detailed Curriculum Vitae and a copy of each diploma. Complete application must be submitted no later than no later than 17 July 2022 at the following addresses:   with subject: SUPPLYCHAINOFFICER202202

Only Short-listed Candidates will be contacted. Any efforts to influence the recruitment process will lead to automatic disqualification.

About our organisation  

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is a solidarity organization international committed to the rights of persons with disabilities, of people in a situation of vulnerability, and in general for human rights. Respect and the dignity of people concerned and beneficiaries of the actions and communities are at the heart of the staff and collaborators of HI, in all contexts of intervention.

Our code of conduct is a key element to the implementation of the institutional policies that set out the fundamental principles in the protection of our beneficiaries – especially the most vulnerable – against any form of abuse be of power, harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, by our own staff. These policies include, but are not limited to:

  • Protection of Beneficiaries against Exploitation and Abuse Sexual
  • Child Protection
  • Fight against Fraud and Corruption.

All our representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our code of conduct. Any violations of those policy will be treated seriously.

N.B: In respect of the law into force, persons with disabilities will be given a priority if they prove professional competences as equally as other candidates in tests and interviews.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Melanie GEISER

Country Manager

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