Written Exam for Sector’s Accountant – NYAMASHEKE District

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This  is  An Accountant Post Exam  done in Local government Entities, at NYAMASHEKE  District.
This exam paper is very most helpful study material in preparing your next job exam for the following job post such as: Public Finance Officers  such as  Public Accountants ,Sector Accountants , District Accountants  ,  Revenue Officers, Etc  ,  Across the  Government and Privates Institutions.


1. The cash book of c. Nkubito showed a balance of at the bank of Rw 570 in hand on January 1991.At the same date, bank statement balance of c.Nkubto ‘s account was Rw 446 overdrawn.
The difference was accounted for as follows:
a) cheques for Rw 1,555sent to creditors on 30January were not paid by the bank until 8 February
b) cheques amounting to Rw 2,520 paid into the bank on 31 January were not credited by the bank until 1 January.
c) A standing order for Agaciro development fund subscription of Rw 60 had been paid by the bank  ,on 21 January but no entry had been made in the cash book.
d) A cheque paid by c. Nkubto for rent on 15 January for 345 RWF had been entered in his cash book as RWF 354.

REQURED: Amend the cash book and prepare the bank reconciliation statement as at January 1991.
Before the bank reconciliation statement can be prepared, the cash book balance (bank colum) must be amended. /15POINTS

2. Company’s beginning inventory is $20,000 ,purchase for period are $240,000,end ending inventory is $30,000.How much is cost of goods sold?/15points

3. You are given the following accounts and their balances:sales revenue:RWF 975,000;utility expenses:Rwf 30,000;plant and equipments:RWF 5,000,000;accumulated depreciation on plant and equipments:rwf 400,000;Annual depreciation on plant and equipments:50,000;rent expenses:rwf100,000;cost of goods sold:rwf 300,000;suppliers expenses:40,000;prepaid rent :rwf 50,000.prepare the income statement that shows: gross profit and net profit/loss./20points

End of EXAM !

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